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22, Female, ♠ ☂ ☎ ☼

∞ tattoos

∞ piercing

∞ Bettie bangs and a mild temper.

∞ Whimsical romantic that indulges in writing poetry, art and enjoys the taste of beer amongst good company.  

∞ I have a bearded dragon named Nardya and Savanah Monitor names Khaos.

∞ Overly analytical Virgo

∞ Graphic design major

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Ranting Poetry

Lil Ole Me

Anonymous said: Who is your last boyfriend you talked about?

he knows who he is :)



Reasons why he’s amazing

Too real.


Bettie Page and a friend


Bettie Page and a friend

Anonymous said: Who was your best sex partner and why?

my last bf and because we really trusted each other and were able to experiment and push comfort zones and when things were really passionate my head would be in the clouds not to mention he was able to make me orgasm some of the most beautiful / intense orgasms iv even experience, i fucking cried a few times.

Anonymous said: Have you ever done anything with a girl?

nope not yet

Anonymous said: How old were you when you lost your virginity?


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